Full-Time Assessor

I’m the only one on the ballot running to be your full-time Washoe County Assessor.

I can hear you thinking WHAT?

From before his election to the present, the incumbent has owned and operated three real estate related businesses; a real estate brokerage, a mortgage company and a property management firm.

No wonder two senior employees in the Assessor’s office took the unprecedented step of becoming candidates to replace him. In their campaigns they made clear, their boss is rarely in the office.

This led to five individuals stepping up to replace the Assessor in 2018 – a record high for this usually low-profile race – and at the end of the incumbent’s first term.

I’m the last man standing to return the incumbent to full-time work running his personal businesses.

As a Washoe County resident and tax payer, you PAY FOR and DESERVE a full-time Assessor.

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``I’m passionate about affordable housing, and how our county handles property assessment and taxation. I have the expertise and understanding to ensure all residents are treated in a fair and transparent manner by the Assessor's office.``


GENERAL ELECTION: November 6, 2018



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