What’s in a Name?

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how my name will appear on the ballot in November. Be sure to vote for Evans, Hugh “Chip” – Yes, my legal first name is Hugh.

Hugh Dudley Evans Jr. Chip

Frederick Military Academy 1971 Battalion Commander, Cadet Lt. Colonel Chip Evans

At birth, I was named Hugh Dudley Evans, Junior after my father – a great guy. Before I took my first breath, my parents and sisters determined I would be called Chip since I was a “chip off the old block.” My father passed away when I was in my forties, and I continued to live up to that name. For my entire life, “Chip” is the only name my family, friends and community members know me by.

When I ran for United States Congress in 2016, my name appeared as Evans, H.D. “Chip” as suggested by a Nevada Secretary of State staffer, and for consistency I kept it that way for the June 2018 primary election for County Assessor.

However, my name is going to appear differently on the November 2018 ballot because my opponent for Washoe County Assessor engaged high-paid lawyers to demand the local Registrar change my name on the ballot to Evans, Hugh “Chip”.

I’m not entirely sure why my name is so important to him, but what’s clear is that our current part-time Assessor doesn’t want to talk about issues that matter to Washoe County voters. Instead, he is wasting his time and taxpayer dollars on spreading false information. (Comical that his requested addition to my ballot name spells “ugh”, right?)

Washoe County faces many challenges — like affordable housing and sustaining vital programs for our seniors, veterans and school kids. Our elected officials and our residents need accurate information and analyses from the Assessor in addressing those challenges.

It’s time for an Assessor with a focus on the job and one who will be a strong, credible voice for Washoe residents. That’s why I am running to be your Assessor and why I hope you will vote for me. And, please, call me Chip.

Thank you!