County Assessor’s Job to Inform and Protect Washoe Residents

You might be wondering what a County Assessor does and why this election is so important. A critical function of the Assessor’s office is to inform and protect Washoe residents, and we are currently being underserved in this area.

As your next Assessor, I intend to greatly expand the production of comprehensive, unbiased analyses by the Assessor’s office. These analyses will examine the effects of any significant proposed changes to our state property tax laws on Washoe County residents.

What is a County Assessor

Your Washoe County Assessor’s Office should be creating comprehensive, unbiased analyses that inform tax discussions and more.

I will then broadly communicate the findings of these analyses to you and your elected officials so we can all knowledgeably participate in the coming state legislature’s property tax discussions. It’s imperative to get Nevada’s property tax approaches right, and having good information upon which to make decisions is essential. You will need an Assessor with a strong voice to ensure that Washoe County is well-represented in these decisions.

Property valuations and taxes determine the funds available to our counties, cities, and schools to pay for critical services, such as police, firefighters, and infrastructure. These funds also help cover social safety nets for our seniors, veterans, and the houseless, as well as help provide quality education for our children. There will need to be protections in place for our seniors, the disabled, and others on fixed incomes, and I’ll be a champion for those protections.

To learn more about how I plan to keep residents informed and protected, please watch this quick, two-minute video.

If you believe facts and thoughtful analyses matter, please vote for me on November 6th to be your #FullTimeAssessor. And if you can, please make a donation of any size by clicking here, and use this link if you can volunteer to help ensure the victory Washoe County needs.