Cyber Attacks on our Washoe County Election

You’re never going to believe this. There is a significant, sophisticated, multi-time zone cyber attack underway, directed at our Washoe County election, and my campaign is being used as a vehicle for that.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Long story short, online hackers hijacked a teachers’ Facebook group that I belonged to and changed the name of it to make it look like a racist group, and they are attempting to make it look like I purposely joined hate groups on Facebook. Can you believe that? Anyone who knows me knows how absurd that is.

Chip Evans Washoe County Election

These hackers have taken their scheme to the next level, and now there is a new Facebook group with a handful of fake “members” — these members are actually fake Facebook profiles, or “bots.” The mission of the group is to spread terrible lies about me personally and to attack my family, but you, my supporters and friends, know the real me.

Wow, who would have thought a down-ballot, county assessor race could turn so ugly? Click here for a recent TV news report on the criminal cyber attack.

Don’t worry, though. I have a small, but mighty team, and they’re working hard to fight our attackers. This is an annoying distraction at best, and we remain confident we lead in our race. However, this is a despicable attack on our election process, and we take that seriously. So time is being spent to work with law enforcement and Facebook to investigate.

That’s why I need your help. Please make a donation of any size to my campaign today, and let’s fight together to punish dirty politics in Washoe County. I will bring integrity back to the Assessor’s office as your #FullTimeAssessor and #NoConflictsAssessor.

I’d like to thank the good people of the Reno Police Department who have launched an investigation and have been incredibly supportive. It’s our hope that Facebook will cooperate with law enforcement to determine who is behind these attacks. Of course, I will keep all of you posted on the matter.

Thank you for your donation, your vote, and continued support.