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Elected officials, organizations, and individuals who endorse Chip Evans to be the next Washoe County Assessor in the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Associated General Contractors, Nevada Chapter

Who is Chip Evans

“It is my pleasure to announce the decision of the Nevada Chapter AGC Governmental Affairs Committee to endorse your candidacy for Washoe County Assessor.” — Craig Madole, CEO of the Nevada Chapter of the Associated General Contractors

Northern Nevada Central Labor Council

Pro Union Washoe County

Chip has been endorsed by the Northern Nevada Central Labor Council to be Washoe County’s next Assessor.

Laborers' International Union of North America

Labor Union Endorses Chip Evans

Ahora Latino Journal

Ahora Latino Journal endorses Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor

Reno News & Review

Chip Evans Assessor

Teamster's Union Local 533

Midterm Election

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony

Chip Evans Assessor

Carpenter's Union Local 533

Hugh D. "Chip" Evans

PLAN Action

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Chip Evans Assessor

Julia Ratti

Nevada State Senator

“I’m pleased to support Chip in his campaign for County Assessor and am confident Chip has the background and expertise to serve the people of Washoe County well in this important role.

Chip has a long history of community involvement. In addition to working with the broader community, he has been a champion for seniors, women, veterans, communities of color and the homeless. He will bring a deep knowledge of their issues and likely consequences from any proposed changes to our state’s revenue laws.

He’s also had valuable business experience in real estate and property development and his real-world expertise will be a welcome addition.”

Chip Evans Assessor 2018

Amber Joiner

Nevada Assemblywoman

“Chip has always sought to understand what the people of Washoe County are experiencing, He’s constantly reached out to women, workers, veterans, youth, seniors, faith communities, and our ethnic communities to understand their stories and their needs. He’s taken leadership positions in organizations that address our community’s challenges and used his radio show to give them a voice.

I support Chip’s campaign because, in addition to his deep community connections and business acumen, he will bring a servant’s heart to the role of Assessor.”

Who is Chip Evans

Philip Horan

Chair of Washoe County Board of Equalization

I am pleased to announce the endorsement of my candidacy to be Washoe County Assessor by Philip Horan, long-time member and current Chair of the Washoe County Board of Equalization.

He brings unique and valuable perspective, having worked closely with our current and previous Assessors.

The five-member Board of Equalization is appointed by the Washoe County Commission and is charged with hearing appeals filed by property owners who do not agree with the taxable value determined on their property by the County Assessor.

Mr. Horan will be voting for me and encourages all Washoe County voters to do the same.

I thank him for his support and look forward to our service together.

Who is Chip Evans

Katy Simon Holland

President of Washoe County School Board

“I am pleased and honored to endorse [Chip Evans]. Having served our community for 15 years as the former County Manager and currently as the elected President of the Washoe County School Board, I know that Chip Evans brings the talent, experience, and dedication to be my choice as the best candidate for Washoe County Assessor. His background in the development of workforce housing, his leadership of technology companies, and his strong sense of integrity make him uniquely well-suited to make an outstanding County Assessor.”

Angela D. Taylor, Ph.D.

Washoe County School Board

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Verónica Frenkel, M.A.

Washoe County School Board

Who is Chip Evans

Debra Feemster

Washoe County School Board

Who is Chip Evans

Jenny Brekhus

Reno City Council Member

Midterm Elections 2018

Oscar Delgado

Reno City Council Member

Washoe County Assessor Endorsement

Paul McKenzie

Reno City Council Member

Washoe County Elections 2018

David Bobzien

Reno City Council Member

Chip Evans Reno
Sarah Mahler Washoe County Democratic Party

Sarah Mahler

Chair of Washoe County Democratic Party

“I have known Chip and Laynette Evans for half a dozen years. We met through our mutual involvement in the Washoe County Democrats and, after our initial work together, we have remained good friends. Chip is a warm, friendly and honest man. He has been a mentor and supporter to me throughout our friendship and especially in my recent time as chair of the Washoe Dems. As an outspoken and passionate community leader, Chip is intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful and helpful. He has helped many people in this community and has a large contingent of friends and fans. Chip brings people together.

Chip remains involved in many organizations today, and he is always willing to give his time, talent and energy. I have always looked up to Chip and benefited greatly from his advice. I am looking forward to Chip winning and serving as Assessor of Washoe County for all of the people who live here. As chair of the Washoe Democratic party, I enthusiastically endorse Chip Evans!”

Chip Evans Washoe County

Wendy Boszak

Senior Advocate and Retired Teacher

“It is a pleasure to support Chip Evans, a citizen who stands out as a leader in our community in many areas. He is an activist, a person who listens, contributes, and participates. He’s an example for others to follow. Chip cares for those in our community and shows his true values by his everyday life deeds.

Chip has shown his compassion for seniors and women by being a participating member of Women of Washoe – WOW, an affiliate of the Alliance and the Nevada Alliance for Retired Americans.

As county Assessor, he will bring his knowledge in real estate, finance and business to this position as well as his understanding of the needs of people in our community and bring the integrity to do his job as current rules dictate. More important, he can bring fresh intellect to this position and discern where needs exist for better efficiency and recommended changes.

Therefore, as a retired educator and current senior advocate, I wholeheartedly endorse Chip Evans as our new Washoe County Assessor.”

Primary Election NV 2018

Rudy Viola

Labor Activist

“It is my pleasure to endorse Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor. I have known Chip for many years and he knows what public service is. He has a keen understanding of the people who live and work in Washoe County. He has a deep understanding of the needs of business and it is tempered by his understanding of the needs of Working Families and Labor.

Chip has a sympathetic awareness about the issues that have an impact on Working Families and Labor. Chip supports better wages of working people and has knowledge to understand the need for Project Labor Agreements (PLA) and Prevailing Wage.

Chip has been successful in his personal life but retained his empathy for those who get up every day, travel to work, earn a wage, raise a family and pay taxes. Most politicians say they will fight for you, but many times we come to be disappointed in them. However, Chip is far different from those politicians who promise the moon and fail to launch. Chip will work hard on those issues that affect Working Families and Labor.

Please join me in my support for Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor. When it is time to vote, please vote for Chip Evans.”

Washoe County Assessor

Dr. Terry Foster

Community Activist

“Knowing Chip has been a wonderful experience. I have seen his concern for our community. I take great pleasure in endorsing him for the office of County Assessor, having worked with Chip in both the faith and civic communities of Reno. He is a man of professional and personal integrity that we need in office.”

Chip Evans Assessor 2018

Verita Black Prothro

Community Leader

Candidate for Washoe County Public Administrator

“I’m honored to endorse Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor. Chip and I have been friends for years and produced a radio program together for a couple of years.

Chip always does his homework. He also works to better the community by being a part of many organizations where he digs his heels in to get the work done.

Chip has a keen understanding on how to make the Assessor’s office more efficient and fair for all citizens of Washoe County. Please join me in supporting his campaign.”

Assessor Candidates Washoe County

Theresa Eloisa Navarro

Community Activist

“As a long-time community activist for social justice on behalf of the Latino and other communities of color and economic need, I am pleased to endorse Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor.

He has worked alongside me and in support of these communities for years. I know him to be a man of good character and integrity, a man who values all the members of our community. He is the type of person we need in public service in these times. He will serve the people of Washoe County well as our Assessor.”

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Karen Prukop

Retired Nurse and Activist

“I support Chip Evans and have found him to be an honorable man with integrity and who cares about fairness, principles and what goes on in our state of Nevada, our communities and has been involved in doing his part as a patriotic citizen. He would be great at anything that he puts his mind to do and would get along with most people because he is a people person.”

Washoe County Assessor Candidates

Gale Audia

Progressive Champion

“Chip Evans is a man of great integrity and is devoted to public service. I consider it an honor and privilege to endorse him for the position of Washoe County Assessor. Chip has been a member of the Reno Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America for several years and has always been a champion of human rights, often speaking to us about social justice issues or suggesting ways in which we could be more effective in our approach to community problem-solving. Chip was also the person we could count on to be there when and if we needed help.

As a community leader, Chip has been outstanding. During the time he was a talk show host, he committed himself to informing us about the important issues of the day and endlessly dedicated himself to interviewing the people that are making a difference in our community. Also, he has been relentless in his efforts to improve the political climate in our community.

Chip has stated that as County Assessor he wants to help achieve affordable housing for those in need and make it possible for all residents be treated fairly and in a transparent manner. I believe Chip is the best candidate for Washoe County Assessor because not only does Chip have valuable business experience and experience in real estate and property development but Chip knows how to get things done. He is also one of the most intelligent and compassionate people I know.”

Primary Election Date NV Washoe 2018

Emily Reese

Community Activist

“Chip Evans, my longtime friend and fellow advocate, is the perfect person to help run the County Assessor position in Washoe County. Not only is he an excellent leader and politically savvy person, but his understanding and experience in real estate, finance, and business gives him the ability to be able to run a tight ship with integrity.

I am proud of all he has done in the past to make this county, city, and state a better place. I can’t wait to see him in the position of Assessor with your vote in the primaries and general election.

Primary voting actually starts on May 26th, so when you get your sample ballot in the mail, be sure to check Chip Evans on it, research and mark other candidates, then take that sample ballot with you to the polls.

It is my honor to endorse Chip Evans!”

Chip Evans Washoe County Assessor

Patricia Gallimore

Community Leader

“It is my pleasure to endorse Chip Evans to be our next Washoe County Assessor. I have known and worked with Chip for many years. He has stood beside me, first in my job supporting union workers and later in my work for communities of color and the economically disadvantaged.

Chip has been an active member of the Reno/Sparks Branch of the NAACP from before my time as its leader. He is also a recognized leader of our county’s Democratic and progressive communities.

Perhaps equally essential to his effectiveness as Assessor are the respect and relationships he has developed with local elected and government officials. They know him as someone in touch with the community and working to make Washoe a better place for everybody.

Please join me in voting for Chip!”

Chip Evans Washoe County Assessor

Mylan Hawkins

Social Justice Advocate

“My friend Chip Evans is running for Washoe County Assessor. Chip is a person of impeccable integrity and has the knowledge, background, business acumen, and skills to serve the citizens of Washoe County in that capacity. I am supporting him and I hope you will too. If you don’t know Chip, give him a call. You’ll find his contact information on his FB page. Just follow the link. And please tell your friends about him too. Thanks so much.”

Washoe County Candidates

David Pritchett

Housing and Transportation Activist

“We need a great Assessor because, indeed, “taxes are what we pay for a civilized society” and are the fiscal foundation of local government. That is why I support Chip Evans to be our next County Assessor. Chip would lead an accurate and fair property tax assessment that is critical to support local government services where all properties are assessed accurately and promptly, without favor to friend or foe.

I am confident that Chip will lead an innovative effort for analyzing our complex database of County properties, which is vital so Senator Julia Ratti and our local State legislators will be fully informed next year about the fiscal outcomes of different options for reforming our regressive and antiquated property tax laws.

I also especially like how Chip Evans, a retired tech industry executive and community leader, has no conflicts of interest because he works outside the real estate industry, unlike the incumbent County Assessor whose disclosure reports indicate that he holds an active Nevada real estate license and owns a real estate brokerage.

Please join me and Chip-in by supporting and voting for Chip Evans as Washoe County Assessor..!!”

Chip Evans Assessor

Tina Tillman

Community Member

“Chip has the knowledge needed & the desire to clean up the Assessors office as far as the wasted money that is being spent on folks who like to get a paycheck but don’t want to put in the time that’s required in order to do the job properly!

I’ve known this kind man for several years now & not only does he have solid roots in this community he also had a very progressive radio talk show that was on every Saturday until that station was not able to continue for reasons unknown to the general public. That very sad for those of us who enjoyed that station. Like myself and many others.

Chip Evans has always given his time to help out his community in many ways & has given his support & backed the Union’s over the years. It hurt to hear that the Union’s chose to back his opponent given the years of support, time & money put into those efforts when they would call & Chip would never say no! Because he understood how Union’s have helped be the backbone of our society in many ways.
It’s ok to back whomever you wish but to be straightforward with a person is an important factor. The Union that backed Chips opponent should have been more graceful in its actions in my opinion.

Well here is a little something I wanted to leave you all with that I wrote up as a good play on words with Chips name. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it. I believe every word of it fits Chips character in every way.

C stands for Courage – it takes Courage to stand up for what you believe in against all the odds that may be stacked up against you.
H stands for Honesty- Honesty is the main pillar that you would hope that your County Assessor has. When dealing with the responsibilities that come along with this job regarding monies that have to be spread around the County having this kind of person is essential.
I Stands for Integrity – Chip has the Intregity needed to be completely transparent & will tell you like it is with the respect you deserve. And won’t lie to you about anything at all.
P stands for Patience- Patience is one of my favorite things I Love about Chip! He is incredibly Patient & kind. I have cerebral palsy & I have always been talked too & treated with the respect I deserve. Chips been very patient with me even if I have a hard time coming up with the right way to say something I want to express. I’m very lucky to be able to call Chip Evans my friend!

In closing Chip Evans is the man for the job! I am asking for you to please cast your Vote for Chip Evans for Washoe County Assessor!! He’s got my Vote!”