Let’s Keep Seniors in Their Homes

Rising property taxes can make it difficult for seniors and others on fixed incomes to stay in their homes. Nevada has a protection of sorts in the form of a 3% cap on how much property tax payments can rise from year to year.

There will be many ideas floated in the next Nevada state legislative session to address structural defects in our property tax regimen. The great news is that our elected officials have been pretty consistent in wanting to assure those on fixed incomes are protected from being taxed out of their homes.

To do that well, our state legislature will need reliable data and analyses. I am pledging to lead the Washoe County Assessor’s office to be the pre-eminent source of unbiased, comprehensive information about how any changes would affect our residents. With this information, our senior advocate organizations and agencies will be prepared to make their best arguments with our legislators from around the state.

It will take full-time effort and the credibility of someone with no real estate industry conflicts. If you agree, then it’s time for a change in the Assessor’s office.

I ask for your vote and your support of my campaign with a donation.

Thanks. Now let’s go win this thing!