Nonpartisan Agenda, Full-Time Work, No Conflicts, No Dirty Politics

The role of an Assessor is to identify taxable property and determine its taxable value, as dictated by provisions in state law. Assessors get no vote on tax laws and set no tax policies.

Even though the position of County Assessor is designed to be a partisan race, it’s really not a partisan job.

Regardless of our party affiliations, none of us want to pay someone who works part-time a full-time salary with our tax dollars. And we definitely don’t want anyone in office who has potential conflicts of interest.

So I ask for your vote, not as a Democrat, but as someone who is committed to doing an extraordinary job. In addition to continuing the excellent work the staff does in applying Nevada’s laws determining property values, I’ll lead the office to develop analyses of the effects on Washoe County residents of any proposed changes to property tax laws.

And to do the job right, I’ll be working full-time for you and you alone, unlike my opponent. I’ll have no financial entanglements with real estate businesses and no potential conflicts that could create the appearance of impropriety, again unlike my opponent.

I know the difference between public service and self-serving. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you deserve a public official with no conflicts of interest who doesn’t waste taxpayers’ money by working part-time. And no one likes the misrepresentations and dirty politics coming from my opponent.

If you’re tired of getting ripped off, self-serving conflicts, and dirty politics, then it’s time for a change, and I’m your choice for Washoe County Assessor.

Will you vote for me on November 6th? If so, please take this moment to donate and help make the change you desire.