Public Service or Self-Service?

The public has a right to know if elected officials have conflicts of interest and stand to gain personally from their elected positions. When public service gives way to self-service, it’s time for a change.

Even the mere appearance of impropriety can call the integrity of the office into question in the public’s mind. It is an elected official’s ethical duty to avoid any situation in which their involvement could suggest that the office is being used for personal gain.

On his required Financial Disclosure filing, our current Washoe County Assessor declared he owns and actively manages three real estate related businesses. At minimum, there is clearly an appearance of impropriety.

As voters and taxpayers, you should not have to wonder whether your elected officials are ethical. It shouldn’t be your job to make sure they are not abusing their offices. This situation should never have been allowed to arise.

And, if our current Washoe County Assessor is running three real estate businesses, that explains why you are getting part-time work from him for full-time pay.

For more information on the appearance of impropriety and thoughts from the Clark County Assessor, please read more here. 

As your next Washoe County Assessor, I promise to uphold the highest ethical standards, and I will never compromise the integrity of the office. I will be the #FullTimeAssessor and #NoConflictsAssessor you pay for and deserve.

If you’re ready for public service in the Assessor’s office again, please vote for me on November 6th. You can also show your support by sharing this letter with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you,