A Voice for You

I am running to be the strong, credible voice of truth and facts regarding property taxes for all residents of Washoe County – and that includes you.

The Assessor has no vote and cannot make policy regarding property taxes. But, when state legislative proposals are made, the Assessor CAN assemble the facts and analyses specific to Washoe County and make a valuable contribution to the discussion. Because Washoe represents a fraction of the legislators that will be voting on any changes, we will need strong voices to assure our situations are well understood. I will be one of those on your behalf.

As property taxes fund our schools and the services provided by our cities and our county, we will need a coordinated, bi-partisan effort to assure Washoe’s interests are known and fully considered.

I already have relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle. Over the years of working with elected officials, I have established a reputation for integrity. My support from legislators and local elected officials is strong and they will welcome my involvement.

Help me be the credible voice for you and Washoe residents that we lack from our current Assessor.

I ask for your vote and support for my campaign to be your#FullTimeAssessor and #NoConflictsAssessor. It is needed now more than ever.