What People Say

I want to tell you how excited I am at the prospect of being your next Washoe County Assessor. Here are certain qualities to look for in a county assessor and what people have said about me.

A Good Assessor Knows Real Estate.

I have experience in real estate as a buyer, seller, renter, manager, and developer. I’ve learned the importance and volatility of property values and what it means to have a home to call your own.

A Good Assessor Leads with Integrity.

I know that Chip Evans brings the talent, experience, and dedication to be my choice as the best candidate for Washoe County Assessor. His background in the development of workforce housing, his leadership of technology companies, and his strong sense of integrity make him uniquely well-suited to make an outstanding County Assessor.
– Katy Simon, President, Washoe County School Board

What makes him stand out is his uncanny ability to relate to and motivate the people around him, from CEOs to line managers to people “on the floor”. Chip has a great deal of integrity and brings the type of positive energy that makes organizations succeed.
– Stephan Lins, CEO at MediaLocate, Inc. (former direct employee)

A Good Assessor Is a Good People Manager.

Chip used his excellent people skills to work through some very difficult issues. His patience, positive attitude, and optimistic outlook helped all the teams he worked in make the best of unhelpful circumstances. He always had time for people.
– Glyn O’Leary, Owner of Localisation Services (former colleague)

A Good Assessor Serves a Diverse Community.

Chip is a master at taking a large, diverse volunteer organization and moving it forward successfully…. Chip is a visionary. He sees the big picture, and with a wonderful steadiness, he works toward those goals collaborating with others with skill and tact. He’s the best of the best!
– Katherine Prendergast, Leadership Coach (former colleague)

A Good Assessor is a Good Communicator.

I was very impressed with his analytical, communication, and leadership skills. Chip has remarkable patience and integrity. I would recommend him without reservation.
– David Ward, Owner of E Media Ad Group
(former colleague and current friend)

A Good Assessor Should Be Dedicated to the Job―Full-Time.

To learn more about our current part-time assessor and how I will work for you full-time, please check out this quick, two-minute video.

Help me bring integrity back to the Washoe County Assessor’s office. I ask for your vote and a small donation to help make me, Chip Evans, your new #FullTimeAssessor and #NoConflictsAssessor.

Thank you,