YOU are the Antidote to BIG Money!

When our current County Assessor runs three real estate related businesses, the possibility of a conflict of interest is obvious, as is the appearance of impropriety. Unfortunately, big money often blurs the obvious, and your current Assessor is counting on his wealth to distract you from the obvious.

Sample Ballot Washoe County NV

To fight this kind of dirty politics we all despise, I hope you will consider contributing to my grassroots campaign to be your no-conflicts Washoe County Assessor. You can make a donation by clicking here. No donation is too small! Chip in $5 now!

I can’t afford to put signs on every corner, but that’s okay. Having supporters in the community ask me for signs to put in their yards means more to me.

If you’re interested in a Chip Evans sign for your yard, I’d really appreciate the support.

You can come by and pick one up or we’ll deliver it to you! Just call Ed at 775.526.2131.

To hear more about what my friends and supporters have to say, please check out this quick and fun video!

You can also support our efforts by volunteering. Making phone calls one or two hours a week would make all the difference. You can even do it from your home on your own time. Please sign up to volunteer and help remove our current part-time Assessor who puts his own interests before yours.

To bring honesty, integrity, and ethics back to the Washoe County Assessor’s office, I need your help. Thank you for your trust, your support, and your vote during Early Vote (Oct 20 – Nov 2) or on Election Day, November 6th.