Chip Evans Reno City Council

Chip Evans Seeks Reno City Council At-Large Seat

I’m Chip Evans and I am seeking the support of the Reno City Council to join them in the recently vacated “At Large” seat, representing all the residents of Reno. I seek your support as well, and hope that you will make your support of my appointment known to your city councilperson and other council members.

Through my years of involvement in the life or our Reno community, I have come to appreciate our diversity and our challenges. Most issues come and go quickly at the council. Others are seemingly perpetual and even unsolvable. But we have shown that our community can rise to both preserve what makes Reno special as well as transform to be an even better place to live and raise our families.

I want to be your partner in accomplishing both going forward.


The decision on who will occupy this open seat for the next two years will be made soon. The Council will appoint to fill this position, but they do want to hear from Reno residents. So, if I am your preferred candidate, I will appreciate your letting the Council members know.


Here is contact information to send them an email (preferred) or make a call to their office. Please contact them as soon as possible, between now and February 12th:

  • Mayor – Hillary Schieve, | 775.334.2001
  • Ward 1 – Jenny Brekhus, | 775-334-2011
  • Ward 2 – Naomi Duerr, | 775-334-2017
  • Ward 3 – Oscar Delgado, | 775-334-2012
  • Ward 4 – Bonnie Weber, | 775-334-2015
  • Ward 5 – Neoma Jardon, | 775-334-2016


There are 3 more opportunities to show your support:

February 13th, 10:00AM, City Council Meeting:

This is the meeting in which finalists will be chosen. Attend and show your support. You can publicly comment or sign in as a supporter.

February 14th, 5:30PM, Reno City Hall:

Finalists will be invited to a Q&A session and public meet & greet.

February 15th, 2:00PM, Reno City Hall:

Council members will interview finalists and make their final selection at a special public meeting.


Thank you! This whole process will be over in a couple short weeks.