Follow the Money. It Tells a Story.

Thank you! Our recent campaign finance report showed we are running a successful grassroots campaign with over 200 individual donations totaling $35,505 – the highest amount raised in any County Assessor’s race, not including our current Assessor.

Mike Clark Assessor taxes

My opponent has simply written personal checks to fund most of his current campaign – to the tune of over $49,000! And in his 2014 election, money from his own pocket amounted to 94% of his total campaign contributions.

Mike Clark Assessor Candidate

Where campaign donations come from says a lot about the candidate. Personally, I’d rather have smaller donations from lots of supporters than big donations from just a few because I believe people – not dollars – should decide elections. If rich people buy elections, how is that a democracy?

Clearly, there’s not much evidence of public support for my opponent’s campaign. Also, it’s easy to see he really wants to keep the $600,000 in compensation we’ll pay for another four years . . . as a supplement to his hefty income from the three real estate businesses he owns and operates. As taxpayers, we’re paying an awful lot to someone who only works part-time for us and has way too many potential conflicts of interest.

Two questions for you to consider.

  1. Do you really want an elected official who simply buys his office with personal funds?
  2. Will you donate to our grassroots campaign and help us fight the “rich guy gets what he wants” campaign of my opponent?

Your contributions will help us spread the truth about this race and make sure all voters are well-informed. With your help, I will be the full-time, no-conflicts Assessor you deserve.

Many thanks for your support.