What Does an Assessor Do?

Washoe County’s 60-person Assessor’s Office has two primary functions – to identify taxable property and then, using Nevada state laws and regulations, determine its taxable value. I intend to expand the work of the office.

I will lead the office to perform Washoe-specific analyses related to the effects of any significant proposed changes to our state’s property tax laws. Then I’ll communicate that information to you and our elected representatives.

Why? Because our state legislature has begun a serious discussion of our state’s property tax laws, and residents of Washoe need the facts so they can weigh in on proposed changes. Knowing the effects on Washoe residents is especially important because the decision to make changes will be voted on by the state legislature in which only 25% of its members come from Washoe.

Property taxes have major effects on our quality of life. Money available from these taxes determine how many police and firefighters we have, how many potholes and sewers we can fix, what we can spend to maintain our parks, and how many teachers and new books we can provide our children – among other services.

To be clear, the Assessor does not get a vote on property taxes, nor can they make policy. If you hear my opponent say he will lower or not allow your property taxes to be changed, he’s either purposely misleading you or running for the wrong office.

I’m Chip Evans and I’m running to be your #FullTimeAssessor and #NoConflictsAssessor for Washoe County. I respectfully ask for your vote and support of my campaign. Please consider making a donation today.

Warm regards,